Peaceful protest in Davis!

Primate Solidarity Peaceful Demonstration

April 23, 2016 @ 11 AM, Davis City Hall (Russel and B St.)

RSVP here.

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In April, we will stand in solidarity with our fellow primates who are held captive by the UC Davis Primate Research Center (CNPRC). We want to peacefully encourage others to see how similar we are to our primate brothers and sisters and show our love for them. These experiments would not be acceptable if forced upon humans, and they are not acceptable when forced upon the monkeys at UC Davis!

We have monkey masks for anyone who would like to wear them so that we can symbolize humans and monkeys standing side by side during the demo.

As usual, signs will be provided, but if you’d like to make one in support of the solidarity theme, please do!

*We do ask that no posters with graphic images be displayed as we are trying to keep the demonstrations G-rated. Thank you!*