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The California National Primate Research Center in Davis is one of seven national primate research centers in the U.S. The CNPRC has been in the news over the years, coverage has mostly focused on allegations of abuse and negligence of primates held in captivity.  See our archive of articles on the CNPRC and UC Davis’ record with animal experimentation.


November 2019 the ASUCD passed a senate resolution to recognize non-human animal sentience, including animals at the UC Davis National Primate Research Center (NPRC).

PETA Sues for Footage of UC-Davis ‘Den of Horrors’ Monkey Laboratory –

PETA files lawsuit against UC Davis over treatment of primates – The Aggie 

Animal rights group sues UC Davis, demanding videos of alleged abuse of monkeys – SF Chronicle


Tell your senator you support Primate Protection and Research Modernization Act of 2018:

2016: UC Davis under investigation for lab animal deaths

2016: UC Davis to review animal care after USDA finds research violations

2013: Activist group riled over escape of 50 rhesus monkeys, and death of two, at UC Davis

2013: UC Davis research center cited in monkey deaths, 19 have died

2012: UC Davis researcher suspended over animal care allegations

NPRCUCD 2002 lawsuit: